A Quick Look at Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that causes heel pain. It is one of the most common causes of heel pain in both men and women. Is this a condition that should concern you? What are the signs that this problem is the cause of your pain?

Plantar Fasciitis causes tissues that connect the anklet, foot, and the heel to become inflamed, in turn causing pain, difficulty walking, and a slew of additional symptoms. Individuals affected by the condition usually have signs that the condition is present, but sometimes it erupts without any indication.

People who work in certain occupations that require them to be on their feet often are at a greater risk of developing the condition than others. Additionally, age, the mechanics of the foot, certain types of exercises, and even being overweight can cause this condition to develop. Wearing worn out shoes can also cause the condition to develop.

Signs of Plantar Fasciitis include:

·    Foot pain

·    Increase foot pain in the mornings

·    Tenderness when walking

·    Difficulty putting pressure on the heel

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An appointment at the podiatrist for heel pain treatment Jacksonville FL is beneficial. The doctor will first do a diagnosis to determine if this is the condition affecting you, and then provide treatment to minimize the effects that it causes to your life. The doctor usually makes a diagnosis by simply feeling the heel of the foot, though he may request an X-Ray to rule out any other potential concerns.

There are many types of treatment options available if Plantar Fasciitis does not clear on its own. For most people, it goes away within a few weeks or months. The Doctor can provide treatment options that minimize the pain and make walking on your foot more bearable. He can also provide prescription medications to reduce some of the inflammation and swelling in the tissues of the heel.